Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fade to Black

Tonight, hubby and I went to see the Jay Black Show, which is becoming the Jay and Beau Black Show, at the Northfork Theater at Westbury. For the first time, his son Beau opened for him. I really like Beau. He's 22 now and has been performing with his father for a few years now. He's got a nice voice, seems gracious onstage, and sings a nice mix of oldies and his own compositions, rock and ballads. Then came Jay's turn, but as usual, Beau joined him onstage for a few numbers.

Beau got in a few digs at his father during his opening act, and Jay was his usual, fun and funny self. Jay was in good voice, too, and the crowd was even more participatory than usual. Jay really encourages the shouting of commentary and requests by responding and chatting with folks. He is also the only singer whose concerts we attend who gets a rating for strong language. In case folks don't know, Jay has a filthy mouth and as hubby, and then Jay, said, he sings the same old songs, but you never know what he's going to say. Tonight, he proclaimed his dick dead (he's 67 this fall) and that he hasn't seen it for years. He decided he could slip an obit into the papers: Dick, Jay's. Resting comfortably (he went on, but I'm really not trying to beef up the entertaining search words that bring folks here). My favorite line, though, was when he said someone called him an icon recently and he had to look it up, and found out it means "a fat, Jewish has been."

Among the musical highlights: Beau sang one of my favorite Jay and the American songs Jay hasn't sung in years: "Sunday and Me," the first hit Neil Diamond wrote which launched his career. Beau did a nice job with it. And his duet with Jay on the Everly Brothers' "Dream." It's a pleasure seeing them on stage together.