Sunday, August 21, 2005

Things, Mostly Music

The disappearance of the Unky Mood here prompted a post over in Presto Speaks! my blog about blogging.

Music Thoughts

A comment in the Neil Diamond concert post prompts this response: What's wrong with Neil Diamond? I grew up with his music. heh. I love most music from 1955 through now. I don't like hiphop or whatever it's being called now, but I can listen to classical music and gospel in small bursts. I know, with classical, it's never small or short, but you get the idea. I'll listen to some pop and some bluegrass. I'll listen to international music, too. Celtic music is good mood music as is music from other ethnicities and cultures.

But if it's rock 'n' roll, or what's now called classic rock (was that what was just plain rock?), or rockabilly, or soul, or folk, or folk rock, or filk (new lyrics for old tunes, the sort of thing done by the late Alan Sherman and more recently, by Weird Al Yankovic, but is mostly heard in science fiction circles — and I have a link to filk radio in the sidebar), I'll listen for hours. Heck, I even like some heavy metal. And I love show tunes, too. I used to listen to that for hours on end, too.

I don't have an iPod and don't really want one. I don't even listen to my hundreds of CDs, cassettes, and albums (in total, they number well over 1,000). I usually have the radio on for musical stimulation. When I buy a new CD, I listen to it to hear all the songs, then it gets put away. Hubby listens to CDs all the time, but I'm a radio kid. I like not having to pick what I hear beyond choosing the station. Yeah, I know I can do the iPod shuffle, but getting all the songs I want on one just seems like too much work.

I usually just listen to the radio and don't have favorite songs, beyond things like "Because" by Dave Clark 5 (keyboardist and lead singer Mike Smith was paralyzed in an accident a couple of years ago) which was the song I sent through the Google translator a while back (and did I ever post the actual lyrics? I think I forgot. If anyone wants them, just click the link on the title) which was our wedding song 20 years ago. And because I'm listening to whatever's playing on the radio, I can't really do music memes because questions like "What's in your CD player now?" or "What's on your iPod?" or "What are your favorite 5 songs now?" just don't have much meaning for me. Because, let's face it, if I said, "Because," "Sister Golden Hair," "If," and, oh, hell, I can't name just 5, anyway, how many folks reading here will know them?