Sunday, August 21, 2005

Play Me

You are the sun
I am the moon

You are the words

I am the tune

Play me.

There's something about a concert at Madison Square Garden. I prefer the more intimate environment of Westbury, especially since we usually sit in either the first or second row, but the Garden is big and loud and even though we had good seats, we were a bit back, but the energy is amazing. Neil Diamond was more visible to me than Simon & Garfunkel were last time we were there, but I still had to watch the monitors to see his face.

He started a bit slow, the music drowning him out for the first number and he seemed to mostly talk, not sing, the first few songs, but he got warmed up and got better and it was magical. He did a full show, most of his hits, some other songs, and even a song he wrote for the Monkees, a little thing called "I'm a Believer."