Sunday, August 14, 2005

T-Storm Activity

Perfect day for cleaning and decluttering, what with thunderstorms in the afternoon and now, tonight. Some of the strikes were so close, I could see the lightning bolt out the dining room window. Heavy rain, too. Lightning was so bad this afternoon, it knocked out the cable and shut the TV where I was watching Pedro Martinez try to be the first Mets' pitcher to get a no-hitter (he blew that, then blew the game, because, when it comes to no-hitters, the Mets are cursed or something). The TV responded immediately when I turned it back on, but the cable box needed a few moments to reboot (we have digital cable and the system is mighty sensitive. The computer, on a surge protector was on throughout and just fine.

Got some decluttering done, including clearing room in my closet for the sandals and shoes I've recently purchased and sorting through some old audiotapes. One had my grandparents singing happy birthday to me, my little cousin reciting the alphabet, and the moon landing I'd taped off the TV. There also was a lot of silliness between myself and a long lost friend. So weird hearing my voice, especially from 1969. Some of the cassette had been recorded on reel-to-reel, and copied onto cassette when I held the microphone next to the reel machine's speaker. Tech sure has changed since then. Now I want to get the tapes onto CD, if possible. Would love to get the videotape of my family from the '50s, copied from the old movies my father had made, onto CD, too.

The day went quickly, but I was able to get up early (9:00 a.m. which on a Sunday, for me, is early) and managed to get a lot done. The bathrooms and kitchen might not be sparkling, but they're a lot cleaner than they were before noon. I even managed to make pasta salad for dinner.

Gee, I sound downright domestic, and as a button I have says: "The only thing domestic about me is that I was born in this country." heh

Disclaimer: I found the photo on the web. Our lightning and sky were not purple; they were white and dark blue/gray respectively.