Sunday, August 14, 2005

Busy Day

Busy day at work, so it went fairly quickly. And except to go out to get lunch, I stayed in the A/C and surfed the web on my lunch hour. Hot in mid-90s and 75 per cent humidity, plus a cloud cover did not make for a nice day to be out walking.

Hubby is in Florida for the weekend to visit his father, so I'm playing bachelorette. And what do I have planned for tomorrow? Cleaning! Lots of cleaning. And decluttering. Now to not sleep through the day.

I'm still entertaining suggestions for this blog's first anniversary. Is there something (minus personal details) you want me to blog about? Now's your chance to ask.

Anonymous commenting as been turned off all my Blogger blogs now except this one. I hope I don't have to turn it off here, either. I never got comment spam til this week on any of my blogs, so it's been disheartening.