Saturday, August 06, 2005


Hubby and I went shopping for dishes at Fortunoff. Our current everyday set is 20 years old, an engagement present from my sister, and very chipped. We've never had to shop for dishes before, so I'm pleased it went so well. We have different tastes in a lot of things, and I fretted we'd reach an impasse here. I like patterns and dark colors, unless I can find just the right light pattern, but hubby and I reached a compromise fairly quickly and chose Mikasa's Villagio Charcoal.

Then we went to the fairly new A.C. Moore not too far from Fortunoff's. I bought some small wood trunks and some pressdowns for decoupaging. I am so happy we now have an A.C. Moore in New York, even if it's on Long Island. It's within easy driving distance and is near a LOT of other stores. I think Westbury, LI must have more large stores and strip malls packed into one area than any other town. You really can shop til you drop, but you need a car to get around.

Now I'm going to try some online shoe stores to see if I can get some extra sandals of the ones I have and love.