Saturday, August 06, 2005

Concert Time

A four-act night. One of hubby's friends was in NYC, so he came with us and we had our usual great seats: second row. The theater is not only in the round at Westbury, but it revolves.

First up was The Buckinghams. They work well with the audience, encouraging singing. Carl Giammarese went around shaking hands during one of their numbers and I got to be one of the lucky ones to get a handshake. The group has the most energetic, enthusiastic drummer we've seen. No tossing of drumsticks tonight, but he did put one between his teeth a couple of times.

Next was Rob Grill and the Grassroots. Rob sounded a bit hoarse when he was talking, but he was in fine singing voice. He's still moving around a bit awkwardly, having had both hips replaced a year or two ago.

The Turtles, aka Flo and Eddie, aka Mark and Howard, followed and did more singing and less shtick than usual, but they still got in a lot of joking around.

And rounding out the show was the headliner: Tommy James and the Shondells. Tommy (pictured) still sounds and looks great. As usual, he worked the crowd and made sure the wonderful musicians with him got a chance to show off their skills.

And my jeans survived nicely, though they're not as comfortable as the gummed pair.