Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Odds and Ends

Klingon Fairy Tales on McSweeney. (Found on Boing Boing.)

Made 3 more moods. Can't find pics for a lot of the moods I want to do, so I think I'll look through my Dover retro clipart books and scan something in, then color it, provided I can find suitable facial expressions. Drawing is still an option, and one of the moods I did is an old drawing of mine (30 plus years old) that I Photoshopped a bit, mostly to fill in the color and give it depth. It's good practice for Photoshop. I still need to work on layers and blending effects. Yes, I see a new obsession heading for me with the headlights shining and the horn blaring.

Back to work, spent half the day sorting mail, reading email, and generally, catching up. Only one hour on phone reference, but it was hopping. Managed to go to the gym after, did a half hour on the treadmill before I got too hot, so now my gym book has been started, and as usual, Barry Eisler (Rain Storm) started the story in the thick of things.

Stopped off at H&M on the way home and, amazingly, found a long, thin corduroy, black skirt with pockets deep enough for wallet and keys and, even more amazing, they had one in my size, and best yet, it cost only $19.90. I don't usually find things there that fit and look good on me, but every now and then, I get very lucky.