Sunday, August 07, 2005

End of Weekend Recap

Good News: The gum seems to be out of the jeans.
Bad News: As the jeans have been drying, there is now a dark splotch where the WD40 was sprayed.
Good News: You can't see where the dye came off.
Bad News: The jeans still stink a bit from the WD40.
Good News: The jeans are wearable.
Bad News: But possibly not out in public. Definitely not to work, anymore.

The Mets swept Chicago Cubs. The sweetest part of that is that tonight's win was on national TV as ESPN's Sunday Game of the Week.

I didn't do a hell of a lot else today, other than reading blogs, watching the tape of Friday's SG-1 and SG: Atlantis (I'd seen Battlestar Galactica after the concert), and washing my jeans 3 times. I'm such a slacker. Hmmmm.... I also read the last 3 Publishers Weekly and a few entertainment mags (well, skimmed mostly), so maybe I didn't slack off all that much, after all.