Monday, August 08, 2005

Just Another Monday

And a busy one at work at that. But no nonsense, unless you count someone calling out sick while 2 other people were on vacation. But we managed. Just wish the weather had been nicer. Not too hot, but humid and cloudy all day. And the cheap little coffeeshop with lousy food but great chocolate shakes was sold and is closed, undergoing renovations. However, new burger place opened. Food options for lunch keep changing.

I've been busy at home, too, and not just with the gummed jeans. I've been trying to get ready for Cyber Chocolate's first anniversary. Surprises are in the works. I haven't had time much for my other blogs, but I did get an entry into Occasional Blog about female fiddler crabs and some posts over on Write Stuff and Shelly's Book Shelf.