Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Too Damn Hot

Anyone still doubt there's global warming, other than the people running this (US) country? Steamy was the word for today. We've had steamy in NYC before, but this was definitely one of the top steamy days. Blazing sun, humid, and the feeling that the air's being sucked right out of your lungs.

So anyway, I feel as if my brain melted or maybe friend during my lunch hour (couldn't get a chocolate shake at the little coffeeshop with the awful food but decent french fries and yummylicious shakes because their freezer broke and their ice cream melted into soup over the weekend. They already have been suffering from A/C problems, so it hasn't been a good summer for them. I went to MacDonald's and got my IC dessert at Baskin Robbins, only they didn't have any chocolate, so I had chocolate chip, instead, with chocolate syrup. Yeah, I know, hardly dietetic, but I needed it.

So I got back to work and discovered my brain hadn't made the trip back. I lost it somewhere on the walk back from Mickey D's. I got through the hour of phone service after lunch, but spent the rest of the day staring at a policy memo I'm supposed to help revise and trying to figure out if it was actually in English. Given it's a typical bureaucratic document, it might not be me with the problem, but given my lack of brain power this afternoon, it's too close to call.

And now tonight, I still feel blah and I can tell the A/C is straining to keep me from getting heat prostration or heat stroke and I can't muster the brain power to do more than blog and surf on Blog Explosion and wonder where the day went.