Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Things I Forgot to Mention in My Previous Post

Treated myself to brown fringed, Durango cowboy (cowgirl?) boots. Very cool. They (store in Greenwich Village) have really nice stuff. I think I'll go back and get another cowboy hat, maybe a leather one. I don't have one of those, just felt and canvas (the canvas hat is an Aussie bush-style hat I got from The Nature Company years ago).

Got mail from AARP! They have the audacity to say: "Welcome to AARP!" beside the membership registration. Hey, AARPers! I'm not a member; don't welcome me, okay? I'm not joining any group based solely on age, okay? Leave me alone. Just because I'm over 50 now doesn't mean I feel the need to join up with other over-50ers. Especially not when I have to pay dues for the uh, privilege. Sheesh.

Here's what I get offered by them: "Access to important resources and information you can trust." I can get that on my own.

"You get big savings and discounts." Well, this could be nice, except most of what they list doesn't interest me and I can get discounts in other ways.

"You get access to AARP health and wellness services." And I should trust these why? Especially when I have health insurance and wonderful doctors I trust. Not to mention lots of private insurance plans that include longterm care.

"You can select financial services that meet AARP standards." How do I know they meet MY standards? I'm married to an accountant, folks. I'll trust him over you, anyday.

"You can benefit in your own community." This mentions activities in local chapters. I can handle my own activities, thank you very much.

"You have a voice in Washington and your state capital." I have that now. I can write letters or call my legislators. No guarantee my desires and needs are the same as AARP's.

Oooo, can you tell I'm steamed. AARP! for Pete's sake. This is about as bad as when I got the ad packet for "Modern Maturity" a couple of years ago, a few months BEFORE my 50th birthday. Sheesh. Why are people trying to age me before I want to be aged? Hell, I don't plan on ever being old, just uh, ripe, mature, seasoned. Geez, now I sound like a banquet.