Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Follies

Day of the weird patrons. Two people in a row called about their service, weren't in the computer, and the reason was the same: they both live outside our service area and are registered with different libraries!

Incredibly appropriate Hagar the Horrible comic today. Hagar's monologue says it all:
"Every morning I tell myself this is definitely...without a doubt...the day I go on my diet! But then, after I get up, something always happens to spoil my plans... I get hungry."

Discovered one cool thing about LiveJournal: I can do different color schemes for the same layout and switch back and forth. Cool. Look for seasonal blogging there.

From Bacon and Ehs: Chocolate Syrup Wrestling. That beats mud anyday in my book.

Fun with Favicons, from Boing Boing: A collection of favicons and alphabet of favicons.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher, with humidity as the heat wave out west hits NYC. Wonderful. Not. I don't think it'll be a good idea to go to the gym after work tomorrow, unless I enjoy heat prostration.