Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pretty in Red

Under the "Better late than never" category, I polished my toenails for the summer. Last year I got so lazy, I didn't do them. Previous years, I did 'em twice; one color for July and another for August. Finally got my butt in gear this afternoon and painted 'em red and did my fingernails to match. Now I'll have pretty toesies peeking out of my sandals.

Also pretty, but not in red is my LJ. Write Stuff now has its tags in the sidebar. I wish Blogger would add tags and/or categories.

Three weeks or so to go til this blog's first anniversary. I'm entertaining suggestions on how to celebrate, so leave a comment if there's something you'd like to see here. As usual, no photos of me or people in my life. I have to maintain some privacy.

Watched the Mets win to go 4 games over .500 and Mike Piazza hit home run #390 to go ahead of Johnny Bench on the All-Time Catchers' Home Run list. He's cuter than Bench was at the same age, too.

And otherwise, I frittered away the day.

Next in my series on the fanlistings I've joined is "Battlestar Galactica." I watched the original series back when it first aired and liked it well enough. It had some cute actors, but turned out to be unmemorable, because except for the cast, I can't recall much else, except it was humans fleeing from the Cylons. It was the last thing I'd expect anyone to want to remake and I never dreamed I'd like that remake.

The mini-series was decent, with enough hints of good stuff to come should it be picked up for a series. The cast was strong, the show darker, and the changes in the Cylons (mainly that they can appear human) added a whole new dimension to the stories that could be told. Instead of some campy show that seemed to have paid no heed to the fact that the humans were in dire straits, the new incarnation embraced that desperation. The first few episodes of the new series sealed that pact with the viewer, that this would be one of the most intense hours of tv anyone could hope to watch. And it's SF (science fiction, for the uninitiated) on top of that. Great writing, great acting, an engrossing ongoing storyline. I can't ask for more than that. I really can't.