Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Fine Saturday

Even though I had to work.

It was beautiful out, hot but dry and breezy, the perfect summer day. I had an excellent slice of pizza for lunch (cheesy, not too much tomato sauce, tasty and crispy crust) and walked around for a while, then went to the gym for a half hour on the treadmill after work. The pound I'd somehow managed to put on a week ago seems to be gone. If I can just lose a pound a week, I'd be in good shape by mid-fall. That's the goal, anyway.

Didn't get everything done at work that I'd wanted to finish, but I did do three of five things. Monday, I'll start on the last two.

As I explained over at Presto Speaks!, I've been spending time getting the glitches in Firefox fixed. Got most of them resolved for the Blogger blogs except here where the background shows between the posts and the sidebar when it's not supposed to and doesn't show in IE. I don't know nearly enough about css to know where the problem is.

I must say that now that I'm surfing Blog Explosion on Firefox, I'm seeing a lot more strange looking blogs. And it's not just on Blogger than things don't line up right. I've also been noticing even more black blogs than previously. Unless the font size and color is just right, those things are hard to read. And they all start looking alike after a while because there's almost no or just minimal customization on those. I dunno. I'd think folks would want their blogs to stand out.