Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bits and Bytes

Thought I'd be cute with the title.

Someone got here a few days ago by Googling "Shelly's boobs." I'm thinking I wasn't the Shelly he or she had in mind.

Mets just dropped two in a row to the lowly Colorado Rockies after a successful homestand. They should not be allowed to leave the comfy confines of Shea Stadium.

Hockey will be back and we're waiting to see if the Isles sign my fav players to continue. One, a defenseman name Kenny Jonsson is likely to stay in his native Sweden. He'll be hard to replace unless we get lucky and someone good becomes available. The new salary cap will make things a bit difficult, even with the salary rollback. I'm still trying to wrap my melted brain around the rule changes that make little sense to me.

As usual, as bedtime approaches, my brain starts to wake up. Unfortunately, my body is telling it to fuck off so all of me can go to sleep soon.

I'm still looking for suggestions on how to celebrate this blog's first anniversary next month. I have something planned, but would like to hear what you folks think. Anything you want me to blog about (except for me to post photos of me or family or friends)?

I so need to get back on track with my summer decluttering projects.

Okay, I think I emptied my brain of enough random thoughts for the moment.