Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nightly Wrap Up

When I heard the news this morning that NYC didn't get the 2012 Olympics, after a momentary disappointment, I felt profound relief that we won't have all the hassle of feeling like we're under seige. Last year's Republican Convention was enough of a mess with streets blocked off and more congestion than usual. That wasn't even a full week. The Olympics go on for 2 weeks and security would've been a nightmare for those of us trying to just go about our business. I was figuring that since I'd be retired by then (though I do plan to get a part-time job), I could've just stayed home the entire time, but now I don't have to worry about it. Hope the Mets still go ahead with replacing Shea Stadium, though. They really need to do that.

Cleaned out a lot of shoes. Got rid of a pair of black shoes I love but hardly have worn, but salvaged the cotton laces to use on a pair of black sneakers that had those annoying nylon laces that keep coming undone if I don't double knot them.