Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Notes on a Day

Working Saturday, so had the day off. Got my hair cut this morning, then, despite the humidity and the threat of rain at any moment, I walked down to the gym and got in a half hour on the treadmill before I felt too tired. That was less time than last session, but I got the speed up a bit for part of it. Weight's the same, which is better than gaining.

Ended up in Macy's and got my first pair of Keds sneakers in years. Also discovered a nice long skirt with pockets from Ralph Lauren. Only one left, not my size. They got these things in barely 2 weeks ago and were already sold out. Sheesh. I hadn't been there to shop since before my vacation in May. Which again points out the wisdom of checking every month or so for new items. I may try to find it online, but I wish I could try it on first, to double check the size.

Came home and after a yummy malted, pretty much my first food of the day after a muffin/OJ breakfast many hours earlier, cleaned the bathrooms. Yeah, I know, a real thrill. And it still hasn't rained. Next up: decluttering my closet.