Tuesday, June 07, 2005

%&#@ Time Waster

I hate Kirk. Well, not really, but he's the reason I spent too many hours tonight browsing the Fanlistings.org site and, if you check the sidebar (scroll to the Miscellany section), you'll see the results. I applied to join all those sites. sigh. I could've gone all night, but figured I should give my runny nose a rest. This is the worst allergy day so far. Allegra has been completely overwhelmed. I miss being able to take Claritin.

Anyway, the chocolate fanlisting was a no-brainer. And the comic book guy on the right on the third row (below Hugh Laurie of "House") is Roy "Speedy/Arsenal" Harper, my favorite comic book character. There wasn't any fansite for Dick "Robin/Nightwing" Grayson, unfortunately, nor did I see one for Kara-Supergirl. And David McCallum and Keith Szarabajka were sadly missing. Along with Roy Dupuis, who is number one in the button list, they're my longtime favorite actors. Picking for some shows was tough because most of the 50x50 buttons had only one character. So I picked my favs, but picking for "Buffy" was tough because I love so many of the characters, so I went with Giles, the Librarian. It seemed a good fit. No Man from UNCLE, though, damn it. I so don't have time or the knowledge to start my own listings. I did apply for and snag a button for Writing and stuck it over on The Write Stuff.

People, I'm having way too much fun with this stuff. I'm 52 years old and feel like I've entered my second (or maybe my third) childhood. Oooooo, look! New toys to play with! And more will be coming, once I apply to join and snag the buttons. Oooooo, pretty new toys!

Addenda: I just found Nightwing, under Comics/Series.