Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, Pretty, and a Bunch of Links

No, not the weather. The weather pretty much sucks. Just sucks the energy out of you. Hazy, hot, humid, and for a nice change, rainy. I didn't update here yesterday because I got too involved redoing ImPRESS Books' web and blog link pages. I also checked the links on the graphic download page and divided things by type of link. So tonight, I continued with the For Fun links and subdivided it, making a section for Avatar Makers and found a new one. Pimp My Doll is rather fun. Here's what I did. The thing gives you 4 views of the same image. I had to do a screen cap and crop because the right click Save As didn't seem to work despite the site saying to use it. I like that it's not girly girl and the background choices are numerous and very cool.

I made some icons for LiveJournal usage and showed them off on Write Stuff. Did I mention that? I have no clue, anymore. I feel as if my brain melted and leaked out of my ears.

So, what's a gal gotta do to get a meme going, anyway? If folks are doing it, other than the few I saw over on AOL, who left comments on the blog they got it from (thanks, Wil), they haven't left their link here nor have I seen a link back on Technorati. And what's with the lack of comments. I've been trying to comment on the blogs I read, which is darned near impossible given I follow close to 300 of the suckers these days, but still, if something moves me or hits home or makes me chuckle, I comment. And I love answering Kim's odd little questions, not that I can answer 'em all. And I've been playing your "Is it art?" game, Brian, whenever I can think of something clever or pithy (I love using the word "pithy") to say. So, all I can say is that you regular readers here are falling down on the commenting job. Sheesh. (Or have you stopped reading and I'm talking to myself here? Oh, that would be embarrassing.) Oh, and both Kim and Wil pointed out that there's a Blogathon on August 6.

Kim, on Bacon and Ehs, also pointed out this lovely site, Stuff on My

From Boing Boing: ArtCars. Oh, and it seems Darth Vader is attacking Palo Alto.

More coolness found by Jennifer on Chaos Theory: How to Paint Your Shoes.