Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Music Carries On

A couple of weeks after the music died on my Oldies station, I'm adjusting. I still miss "my" DJs, but I'm enjoying Jim Kerr on weekday mornings. If I want to listen to oldies, I tune in on one of the online radio stations, either RadioMaxMusic or Kool 96.7, or the oldies jukebox-like channel on cable TV, but otherwise, I listen to Q104.3. I do like the Classic Rock sound, even if the songs are mostly longer than I'm used to and some stuff I've never heard before. It makes for good background sound, so I'm adjusting. But damn, I do miss hearing Mickey Dolenz, Bill Brown, Bob Shannon, Bobby Jay, Harry Harrison, Dan Taylor, Holly Levis, and all the rest.

There was a rally yesterday to protest the format change. I was at work, so couldn't go. Jim Kerr was passing by on his way home and was quoting as saying that if Infinity didn't want the older listeners anymore, he'd take them. Well, he's got me.

I also missed the giant Snapple popsicle fiasco in Union Square. I'm not sure if I'm glad or sorry I missed it. I wouldn't have minded being there, far enough to avoid the gunk and only if I had a camera with me.

Meanwhile, for your entertainment: Making Over Mona. Weird. Very weird. The music playing in the background, which I normally detest about websites, wasn't bad in an annoying sort of way. (Found on Surfilicious)