Friday, June 24, 2005


Now that's an informative subject title, huh?

I made synidication usernames or whatevers for most of my Blogger blogs over in LiveJournal, a neat function that comes with my paid LJ account. So now people with LJs can read this blog and some of my others via their Friends page.

Progress, thy name is irony. Many years ago, I had sheets of fonts that could be rubbed onto paper or wood or whatever. They came in long sheets and I bought them in art supply stores, mostly Sam Flax. This was back before fonts were so readily available and reasonably priced for purchase on diskettes (pre-CD era). I had some shareware fonts, but the sheets were so much more vaired and I used them to put fancy titles onto the masters for my zines and to make the covers. When fonts on diskettes became more popular, the sheets were phased out and Flax put the sheets on sale, $1 per sheet. I worked down the block from a Sam Flax store and bought at least 100 font sheets. I was in font heaven. And my zines looked spiffy.

Over the years, I used computerized fonts more and more and the sheets less and less. I started crafting and wanted to put words or letters on something I decoupaged, but it was hard to do that without the sheets, which I'd mostly used up (I brought a lot into work for making flyers and doing exhibits). I couldn't make transparencies that would work with the decoupage paste, and printing, then cutting them out was a pain in the ass. So I forgot about using type in craft projects.

Cut to the present. Scrapbooking has made the old new again. First, I started noticing the sticker fonts. These do not work well in decoupage, at least, not when I tried them. Paste incompatability, I guess. But now, within the last few months, I've been seeing — yup, you guessed it — pressdown or rub-on font sheets. I've been buying all the ones I like. I expect to be putting them on my crafting boxes until they run out.