Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Day of the Domestic Diva

Day off and decided to stay home and clean and catch up on stuff (especially since the forecast included thunderstorms and one's coming up now), instead of going shopping and to the gym. Decided to clean out the medicine chest in my bathroom and move the middle shelf up higher. Talk about WTF was I thinking moments. I could not get the right hinge back in. Mind you, these things were never removed in the 20 years I've lived here and probably not in the 20 years previous, so it was amazing I got them out in the first place. Was thinking I'd have to wait for hubby to come home and try it, but finally, persistence paid off and now I've got the taller stuff comfortably on the bottom shelf and the rest of the toiletries loaded back in and all is well with the world. The agony of defeat yielded to the joy of victory.

In between cleaning bathrooms (this is a 2-bathroom apartment) and dusting, I've been surfing blogs. Found some fun stuff. And had a yummy chocolate malted for lunch.

Oooo, I like these. But then, I'm a socks/pantyhose addict. Well, shoes, too, and a whole lot of other consumer goods, but still, these are so cool. (Found on Barbed Lyre LJ)

75° South is a blog of Antarctica. Fascinating stuff here. Also, giant furniture sculpture and a car covered with computer keys. (Found on Boing Boing)