Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Late Night Snacks

Had to post this: Chocolate Fashion Show (found on BoingBoing). The link is to the entry on Boing Boing, not the site itself because they had the better photo on view.

Finally, the media circus that was the Michael Jackson trial is over. Despite the verdict, I think any parent who lets their child stay with MJ should be reported for child abuse. There is something wrong there, even if the prosecutors couldn't prove a criminal act. I'm just looking forward to not hearing about the case, anymore or seeing his freakish photo in the paper anytime soon.

Mets are screwing up royally lately and I am not amused. I want them to get a new stadium (and I wanted the Jets to get their Westside Manhattan stadium, a now dead deal), but I don't want the 2012 Olympics. NYC was too crowded and hard to navigate during the Republican Convention last year. It'll be so much worse for an Olympics. But replacing the cesspool Shea Stadium has become would be great. I think decent women's restrooms should be near the top of the priorities. Oh, and a retractable roof and comfy seats and a good field....

A couple of neat blog design/html help blogs: Susie's Design Blog and Cut, Copy, and Paste. I've only begun exploring them — and Cut, Copy, and Paste is fairly new — but they both seem very useful. I found them both via Blog Explosion.

Did comments around here get turned off when I wasn't looking? I know folks are reading, but where the heck are you? Feel free to say Hi, no need to be shy. I really would like some brainstorming re: Presto Speaks! I don't write poetry, so that's out. I could do lists, perhaps. I know I've got a number of specialized blogs, but there must be something I can put on Presto Speaks! I can't help feeling there's something lurking just out of reach and I can't quite see it. And everytime I try to reach for it, it moves a step farther away. It's almost time to change the polls here, too.