Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Random Thinking

At work, Monday continued into a second day this week... The only word to sum up today is "Argh!" Or perhaps a primal scream. Along with staffing problems (we're losing staff due to budget cuts) and a broken elevator, there was the not insignificant problem of half the second floor having no A/C. There were more annoyances, but fortunately, I wasn't the one who had to deal with them.

So, I'm wondering. Is it worth paying the $30 or whatever a year to become a Classmates Gold Member so I can email and read the full bios of people who probably don't remember who I was back in our school days? I did look around at what we non-paying members get to see and was pleased to discover a classmate from elementary school was now a TV writer, mostly of soap operas. Her nickname is "Shelly," too. One thing about hitting middle age is that the not-all-that-great past holds an odd sense of nostalgia for me.

I've redone Presto Speaks! but I'm still wondering what I should use it for. I'm open to suggestions, folks. Anything I should blog about that's not covered by one of my other blogs?

Some links to help us through the night (or day, depending on where you are):