Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Gyn appointment this a.m. All is well. Got a bone density done. Was pretty much the same as my first one a few years ago. Not great, but nothing imminently dire. Then did 40 minutes on the treadmill, followed by a 25 block walk to the subway. Nothing like the aroma of rotting garbage on the Upper East Side to emphasize how stinking hot it's been.

While waiting for the train, I decided the letters of the trains posted on a platform sign made a nice acronym: NRV — National Registered Vampires.

Came home and made a yummy chocolate malted. Lots of calories, I know, but also lots of calcium.

Doug Savage's Savage Chickens is a delightful cartoon drawn on Post-It Notes. I like it so much, I've subscribed to it via Bloglines. (Found on Drawn!)

Nothing like proving your ignorance on something. Even while admitting she knows little about comics, Jennifer Brummett wrote about them, anyway. Maybe Lex Luthor forced her to write it. Yeah, sure. (Link found on Blog of a Bookslut.)

Found this blog, lollygaggin, on Wil's The Daily Snooze blog. Another sub I just added. The list of blogs I read just keeps growing and growing....