Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hi, from South NJ

A chocolate warning note: When pouring a refill of a chocolate shake at Friendly's, be careful that there isn't a humongous glob of ice cream in the metal container or you'll end up with what I experienced tonight at dinner: Mt. Vesuvius in ice cream. Had the chicken quesidillas to go with it. The table was a mess, but the shake, what I got to suck down, was yummy.

J and I saw Madagascar which had us laughing hysterically. Given there was almost no one else in the theater — a father and two boys in the back and a couple of other people off to one side — our laughter echoed nicely in the theater. I highly recommend the movie. Very funny, very clever, great spoofing of other movies, well done voicing.

More when I get the chance.