Sunday, June 05, 2005

Everything Old is New Again

I always feel that way after a vacation (and I don't have to go back to work til Wednesday). Renewed. Armed with a game plan. I'm gonna make schedules. I'm gonna get things accomplished. I'm gonna cross things off the TO DO list. And this time, I'm gonna lose the 10 pounds I never seem able to lose, maybe even 15 pounds which would get me back to my "happy weight" aka what I weighed pre-thyroid condition.

But I also came home to the depressing news that WCBS-FM, the oldies radio station I've listened to for 30 years since it adopted that format, is no more. No more oldies, anyway. Infinity (I believe that's the owner) fired all the DJs and scrapped the oldies format Friday afternoon. Even Mickey Dolenz, who has been waking me up the last few months, is gone. Now I have to find a new station to put in my clock radio (I've used a radio to wake me for more than 30 years) and I hope another station will move to oldies, but for now, I'm stuck. I don't even know the other stations except for WFAN which broadcasts Mets games. I feel like I've been punched in the gut, like I lost a family member. Those DJs have been voices in the night, the people who talked to me back before I got married when I lived alone. They kept me company. I've listened to some of them for 40 years: Cousin Bruce Morrow and Harry Harrison (Harry's been doing Saturday mornings). CBS is going to some crappy format called Jack where they play what people want or some such, a mess of styles and sounds that includes things I've never heard of, grating music that irritates along with rock and pop. I'm just sick over it. I'll be deleting the link to WCBS the next time I update my website. For now, I have to find out what other FM stations are out there (AM just doesn't play well on my clock radio). For night listening, there are the music stations on cable that feature oldies and a few internet stations I like. But never is radio as important to me as that first voice I hear at 6:30 a.m. on a workday, the voice and the music that wakes me up and eases me into the day.

Con report will come soon. I still need to type it up and upload the photos from my camera.