Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hell Week

Hell Week continues apace. Only good thing was that I was off yesterday for a medical appointment and missed those "disasters." Today more than made up for it when 3 of my staff called out sick. And then the annoying problems continued, including no building manager, a guard who let people in while we were still closed, a leak somewhere, no A/C on part of the second floor STILL, and some other stuff. I wish I could blog more about it, but I really vowed to not blog about work specifics.

I stayed up later than I planned last night because I discovered we paid members of LiveJournal can add boxes to our sidebars (depending on the style we're using, which I think of as templates, but what the hell) and we can use html in them but not Javascript. So I tweaked The Write Stuff and was feeling pretty damned pleased with myself. Nice to know it's not just Blogger I can figure out. And LJ added tags. Cool.

I'm still looking for ideas for what to do with Presto Speaks! No one's commented. Have I scared you all off? Are you afraid to tell me you don't have ideas or to tell me to junk it? Do you want me to start naming you and challenging you to put ideas in the comments? I can come haunt you. I know where your blogs live.

If I could think of something to do with this Poloroid-o-nizer found on Cynical-C Blog, I'd try it. Perhaps you have an idea.