Friday, June 17, 2005

The Week That Was finally over. The work week, that is. Two people were out sick today, still no building manager. Some annoying paperwork that had to be done NOW. Got my 25-year anniversary silver pin at a meeting this morning, plus the traditional flowers (non-smelly in deference to my allergies; I was ever so grateful, as were my nose and eyes). At least the heat broke yesterday, thanks to cool Canadian air (the stuff we curse all winter when it brings snow and icy cold), and stayed coolish today. Makes things more bearable, and of course, the A/C worked fine today at the library for a nice chill.

Been listening to a variety of online oldies stations and some are pretty good. Even got to hear Bob Shannon, under his old (real?) name of Don Bombard, for a countdown show on RadioMax. Also good are Oldies 1360 (you need to register) and WJRZ 100. Just hearing jocks again instead of just the music was a real treat.