Thursday, June 09, 2005

Back to the Salt Mines

Well, it's not that bad. Really. But it sure felt weird being back at work. I was told there was no A/C on Monday. I'm so glad I missed the sauna-like conditions that day. Today was hot enough with the A/C. Spent most of the day going through the emails. They sure can accumulate.

It was strange waking up with a new radio station, too. I didn't sleep well last night and first woke an hour before I needed to, then drifted in and out of sleep, probably worried I'd miss hearing the radio go on and would oversleep. The music was fine, but just... off. After 30 years of being woken by oldies, this just didn't feel right.

Jim Kerr, the DJ, did a nice tribute to Anne Bancroft and played Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" as a tribute. Everyone thinks of that role when they think of her, it seems, but she's Annie Sullivan in my mind from "The Miracle Worker." I loved the story of Helen Keller when I was a kid and read about her and Anne Sullivan Macy, so was thrilled when I saw the movie. It affected me much more than "The Graduate," which I didn't see when it first came out, finally getting to see it on TV years later. I admired her and feel really bad for Mel Brooks. They were together a long time, seemingly forever given Hollywood marriages. She'll be missed.