Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hot Times in the City

If not for the calendar telling me it's June 9th, I would swear it was mid-July. Hot, steamy times in NYC and a lot of places have broken air conditioning. Even the library has some warm zones. The reference desk area is 78° F. Fortunately, that's still within my comfort zone. Barely. Interestingly, my office, with the vents closed, has been cooler than at the reference desk.

Why is it that some of us can't seem to be able to stand on line in a department store to buy just one thing if it costs less than $10? Whenever I go to a small store, I have no problems buying one cheap item, but today, as often happens, I needed a case for my eyeglasses. I think I left mine in the gym three weeks ago. I take off my glasses to read when I'm on the treadmill. So there I was in Filene's with a $5 eyeglasses case and a line at the cashier and I couldn't bring myself to get on that line with only that one little item, so ended up buying a half dozen pairs of socks, too. So my eyeglass case ended up costing me $24, but I got these cute little gym socks with it.