Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Busy Day

I know it gets repetitious for me to say this, but there's just something about Mondays. Today, I had to field a patron complaint that spoke more about the patron's prejudice than the library's policies. He didn't like that we did a booklist of gay and lesbian titles. At least, he was polite and not obnoxious in his complaining. And two people called out ill and Mondays are one of our busiest days.

Found out yesterday my second best friend and writing collaborator is in the hospital and another friend called tonight to tell me she spoke to D and she should be okay. Whew. D has more health problems than the Merck Manual has diseases, it seems.

Spent a fair amount of tonight backing up my photo and graphic files, something I should've been doing, uh, since I starting putting photo and graphic files on Moya, my PC. BTW, does anyone else name their computers? Anyway, I burned one folder per CD and now have a stack of 20 I need to check to make sure the files transferred okay. Then I can reformat my camera's memory cards which is what I had been using to backup the photos, but I really can't keep buying cards because they're expensive and I needed to do the backup now because I'd run out of cards again and my vacation is in less than a week. I am now making a vow online to never put this off til the last minute again. And that like my text files, I'm going to back up as I go.

On the bright side, I baked chocolate chip cookies. That was on my To Do list.