Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Life of a Temporary Bachelorette

Hubby is away for a conference for work, so I'm on my own for a few days. How did I spend today? Doing laundry and working on my website. Ah, the sheer joy. And after I do this entry, I'm going to dust and then clean the bathrooms. Or maybe do the bathrooms first, so dusting will seem like a vacation.

So anyway, I added a FeedMap thingie to the sidebar. Now you can see where I am and how many people are blogging in my neighborhood, at least among those bloggers who've registered for the service. It's pretty nifty. I've also added a link back here and the rss feed link to the top of the sidebar for the convenience of people blogging through via Blog Explosion. I'll probably add that to the other blogs I have on BE as I update the templates with other things, ie when I add a book read to Shelly's Book Shelf. And finally, I added a link to my Blog Resources page on ImPRESS Books to the sidebar. I also updated it with some things I had bookmarked but had previously forgotten to add to the webpage. If I've missed any cool blogging resources, add-ons, design tutorials, etc, just drop the link into the comments. These should be sites you've used and know are cool and/or good. No spamming, please. Thanks. And I hope folks looking for info or cool things to add to their blogs will take a look and find the sites I've complied helpful.

And if you haven't taken the current Chocolicious Poll, please take a moment to do so. I'll be changing it when I get back from vacation in June.