Saturday, April 09, 2005

Best Laid Plans

I had plans for today, but got distracted. Someone posted a link on rasfc to a free blogging service, so I decided to try it (can we say "no frills"?) and then decided to add it to my blog links page, and the next thing I knew, I was looking for other free blogging services I didn't know about, then checking the links of blogs on my blog links page, and managed to kill off 3 hours. Sheesh. A lot of blogs I'd liked but didn't have in my blogroll are gone or haven't been updated in many months, so I dropped them all. Others were listed on my other links pages, so I took them off the Blogs page.

Now I think I'll go craft while I have nice afternoon sunlight streaming in through the den window.

ADDENDA: Okay, first I went and changed the background to celebrate spring with a little something I whipped up in PhotoShop a while back.