Sunday, April 10, 2005

Another 20 Questions

Found this on Tine.

1. What's the best birthday present you've ever had? It's hard to remember them all, but I very much love my flat screen HDTV hubby gave me last year.
2. What do you eat for breakfast? Uh, food. Sometimes healthy when I go to Spoon and get little egg, bacon, and cheese biscuits or quesadillas. Otherwise, cookies, muffins, whatever the little groceries on the way to work have that I can buy quickly. At home, I might have cereal (Multi-grain Cheerios, usually).
3. What's your favourite piece of jewellery? The gold necklace hubby gave me for my 50th birthday, which is my other favorite birthday present.
4. What's the best book you've ever read? I can't choose just one out of all the wonderful books I've read.
5. Which gadget couldn't you do without? It's a toss-up between the computer and the microwave, but if push comes to shove, I won't give up my TV.
6. Which website can you recommend to me? Besides my own? How about Librarians Index to the Internet?
7. Do you have any allergies? Flowers and perfumes, molds and spores, mostly.
8. Are you left or right handed? Right-handed.
9. Do you have any piercings? No.
10. What's your favourite painting/print? I don't usually have favorites, but I'm very partial to Van Gogh's Starry Night.
11. What was the last thing you ate? Just had some OJ and a couple of Milano cookies.
12. Where in the world would you like to be right now? Where I am, but I'd settle for Hawaii. heh.
13. Do you collect anything? The better question is what don't I collect. I collect books, comics, dollhouse miniatures, postcards, business cards, stuffed animals (usually licensed characters like Opus and Grimm), fannish art, craft items (small boxes mostly), Matyrushka dolls, keychains...
14. What type of books do you prefer reading ( e.g. romance )? I'll read nearly anything, but I prefer science fiction.
15. Do you have a daily newspaper? Which one? The one I read every day is the NY Daily News.
16. Do you use tissues or linen handkerchiefs? Tissues, preferably Kleenex.
17. What's your oldest possession? The ribbon from my baby pillow with my name on it and the hospital bracelet my mother wore when I was born. Plus a lot of photos from when my grandmother was a girl. I also have my father's messkit when he was in the navy in World War II. Of the things that were strictly mine, I'd say some old Little Golden books and some school paintings my mother had saved that I'd done.
18. Do you use a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen? Ballpoint, but I prefer Rollerballs.
19. Do you have any pets? No. Only pet I ever had was a parakeet I got when I was 5. Unless my Pet Rock counts. I still have "him."
20. Do you have any phobias? Bugs, especially ones that fly, and snakes, mostly. And a pesky little fear that I'll get blown up or something in the next terrorist attack here in NYC.