Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Too Tired to Think of a Title But Not Too Tired to Blog

It must mean something that I can't bring myself to go to bed without blogging something. Anything.

I like checking my referrer logs and not only do I not get funny search strings leading here, but hardly anyone gets here by searching. Someone found this blog by searching "Shelly." I have no idea if I'm the Shelly they wanted. The blog that gets the most hits via search engines is Malt Shop and I suppose it's the odd words that show up in meme questions and answers there that are doing the trick, but I can't see getting a stats account with a referrer's log just for a meme blog.

Tomorrow is the Mets' first spring training game. I am so jazzed. I haven't been this excited by a potential Mets' opening day lineup in years. Barring injury, I'd put the planned lineup up against anybody.

"House" was good tonight, but the side story with Chase and his father was predictable. Who didn't see that plot twist coming?

Comments have slowed down here, folks. I've been reading on other blogs about getting blurkers to comment. I guess the word was coined from blog lurkers. I feel like doing a roll call once a month. heh. And I know I don't always comment, either, but I promise to try to do better in return. Provided I read your blogs. And if you're not in my blogroll (see lists in sidebar), then leave your URL in the comments and I'll take a look. I don't like political blogs or ones with music. Music interferes with the TV or radio I always have on when I'm online. I'm not fond of Mommy blogs and dating blogs, since neither is relevant to my life, though there are some fun ones I read. Mostly, these days, I look for funny and / or different. And I love good photoblogs.

Thinking about it now, it's been a while since I found a really good blog via Blog Explosion. Early on, I found such gems as Impulsive Buy and my so-called-strife that way.

And on that note, I think I'll call it a night.