Thursday, March 03, 2005

Off the Top of My Head

Got some walking in today and it felt good. My left leg, which is still aching from the muscles I pulled on Monday trying to avoid falling when I slipped on some slushy snow, didn't seem to mind much.

Mets played first spring training game today, against the newly minted Nationals (formerly the Expos). Baseball is back, all is right with the world. To celebrate, I added a Sports folder to my Bloglines subs and filled it with blogs by Mets fans. And the hockey lockout is nothing more than a fading nightmare. Almost makes up for the snow we got and the snow we're supposed to get this weekend. Almost.

On 3/19, I'll have been blogging for one year, starting with my AOL Cyber Chocolate, Jr. blog. To celebrate, I thought I'd post 5 pictures folks request, but no people. I don't like putting faces I know, especially my own, online. So if you want to request something, just leave a comment here. I'll choose the most interesing ones. And if there are no requests, I won't post anything.

I love watching Man From UNCLE on Wednesday nights. I'm catching lines that I missed or that went over my head when I was a kid. Watching I Spy is a kick, too.