Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday Miscellany

Got this from my Blog Patrol account: I don't usually get entertaining searches finding this blog, but this search string tickled my funny bone:
how could chocolate damage the brian (Yahoo)

MI-5, aka Spooks (its name in England) continues to impress, even with the cast changes. I just wish the British series had longer seasons, same as for US TV shows. This is one show you really need to pay close attention to.

This week's Newsweek (3/7) has a 2-page article on chocolate! I was salivating just looking at the pictures.

I put up a new batch of patterns on Pattern Recognition, if you want to take a look. As usual, you're welcome to take them with a link back here. Don't direct link, please.

It's been snowing since the afternoon and has gotten quite white and fluffy looking out. I hope we have a real spring this year.

Things I won't be blogging about:
  • The Oscars. I don't care who won. When I did care, my favs rarely if ever won. The year I nearly broke my TV (early '80s) when I tossed a book (fortunately, a paperback which couldn't do much damage) at it because I was irritated by one of the Oscar winners was the year I decided to stop paying attention to entertainment awards. I went cold turkey. It was liberating.
  • Michael Jackson. I think he did it. I think he's creepy. And that's the last I'm gonna say about him.
  • Any reality TV show. I am so sick of just the commercials for them, I shudder to think how I'd feel if I actually watched any of them.