Monday, March 07, 2005


* Thank Goodness Monday's Over. (well, mostly)

I forgot Bloglines would be down for a while tonight for a server upgrade so I can't check my subs for fun links. And there are too many blogs I read to go one by one. Maybe tomorrow.

Only 2 photo requests so far: the 42 Street Library lions (Patience and Fortitude) and book stacks (home and work). No one wants to see the inside of my refrigerator or my bathroom? (Now someone will ask for those, right?) Come on, folks. I don't make offers like this often. Well, this is the first, actually. No people, but anything else I can manage to get, I'll do. My one-year blogging anniversary is approaching rapidly (March 19). This blog's first anniversary is in August, so I'll need to think of something appropriate to do. Suggestions welcome.

And I'm pooped. So I think I'll surf for a bit on Blog Explosion and bank some credits, then get to bed.