Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

And it's not exactly warm inside, either. The bedrooms and one bathroom are on the outside wall facing west, where the wind whips in after blowing across Manhattan. We're on the 9th floor. Great view of sunsets, not so much fun on windy days. How cold is it? My hot shower with the bathroom door closed failed to fog the mirror. It's rather noisy out there, too. You ask me, winter has more than worn out its welcome. Today's swirling snowfall wasn't fun, either.

What was nice was that a quick trip to the local B&N on the way home netted me 2 books I've been waiting for:
  • Bill Pronzini's latest Nameless Detective — Nightcrawlers
  • Eric Garcia's Hot and Sweaty Rex — featuring dino detective, Vincent Rubio

I skimmed through the last two days of link blogs, but nothing jumped out at me that I had to share. Well, no, that's not entirely true. There were a one interesting site mentioned. Kim at Bacon and Ehs linked to a site I want to explore in more depth when I have time: I Used to Believe, which covers the misconceptions kids have. Kim asked what we used to believe, but I honestly can't recall anything. There must have been something, but if so, my brain has protected me from the embarrassment or shame by removing it from permanent storage, I guess.

And once again, a reminder that I'm looking for photo ideas for celebrating one year of blogging. I need 3 more suggestions. No people shots, please. And I have a poll in the sidebar; if you haven't voted yet, please do. I'll be swapping it out for a new one soon. And finally, I posted a new entry for my maybe monthly book meme, Booked by 3, over in Shelly's Book Shelf.