Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Dance Review and Some Random Thinking

The Paul Taylor matinee was wonderful. "Company B" (to the tunes of the Andrews Sisters' songs) had a number of cast changes. Michael Trusnovec did a great job with Patrick Corbin's "Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!" and really seemed to have fun with it. Andy LeBeau who danced "Tico-Tico" was good, but he needs to do more with it to make it his own.

Patrick Corbin, who should get to perform in one dance per show in this, his last season, danced in "Eventide," which remains beautifully poignant. And "Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rehearsal)" is as odd as ever, with a wonderful solo toward the end by Lisa Viola. We had first row orchestra seats (there's no actual orchestra these days), so no heads in front of us (Yay!), a good thing because we're both short. And it meant we could clearly hear Lisa's rhythmic panting during that energetic solo.

From Dave Barry's blog, an insidious game.

I now live in fear that anything I say in public will end up an item on the Overheard in New York blog. Today's lunch with my friend C prior to the Paul Taylor show today was full of such possibilities. Well, what would you expect when two middle-aged woman chat about their health issues?

I've had only one photo request so far. Remember, I'll post 5 photos (no people) requested to celebrate my one-year blogging anniversary on 3/19. So email me with your request or leave it in the comments. Thanks.