Saturday, March 05, 2005

Busy Weekend

We have my step-niece's Bat Mitzvah this evening and the party at night, then tomorrow, a friend and I are going to see Paul Taylor Dance Company. This is Patrick Corbin's last season and he's my favorite dancer, so I'm going 4 times instead of the usual 2 times this year. It didn't hurt that they've got a great schedule and are doing 3 weeks instead of 2 this year at City Center. I still miss the days when they did 2 shows a year in NYC.

I did some crafting last weekend and the pics are over on Creative Endeavors. I also picked up some more decoupage supplies yesterday and a cute little purse/pencil or makeup case/whatever.

And I'm watching my first pre-season Mets game this year. Unfortunately, that means listening to my least favorite sportscaster, Fran Healey, natter on about all sorts of nonsense in his annoying, whiny voice.