Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hold the Button; I'll Take BE on the Side

This is so stupid, I had to log in to post the link. I found it while surfing on Blog Explosion. I can't remember the blog I got it from; they tend to blur in my mind.

Which brings to mind my now love/hate relationship with BE. Basically, I get hits from BE. The more I surf, the more hits I get. Which is great as far as it goes. But I know I barely do more than eyeball most of the sites. If they're new to me, I look around, scroll up and down looking for fun stuff. Maybe an actual entry will catch my attention and I'll read, but most of the time, I'm doing something else and maybe I remember to check the IE window with BE running so I can click for the next blog. That is not a quality hit and I'm sure most that come my way are the same. Which lately is what Presto Speaks! is getting, so I'm thinking of pausing it on BE just to see if anyone is interested enough to go visit it on their own. To me, this can't be about just hits, but readers. BE is great for publicizing blogs, but catching a surfer's attention long enough to read and to want to return on their own is up to you and your blog.

But I still love it and I have found some fun blogs to read through it.