Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday Ramblings

TV Spoilers Coming Up:

Stargate SG-1 sure didn't pull any punches tonight. After all these years of ignoring the Jack/Sam chemistry following the sexual tension of the early years, it was back on the table, which meant Sam's fiance, Pete, is gone. Which is a shame because he was played by David DeLuise, a real cutie. I loved the chance to see him now and then. And Sam's father was killed off, which, along with Anubis' demise (?) changes the dynamic for next season, which of course, will feature Ben Browder, perhaps the biggest change in the show's dynamic.

Stargate: Atlantis continues to provide a nice mix of humor and tension as Stargate SG-1 does, but here, the tension is stronger with the Wraithe (however that's spelled) breathing down the team's necks.

But when it comes to tension, nothing beats Battlestar Galactica these days when they're on their game and they were on tonight. In fact, that show rarely misses the mark.

Did a book meme (or what's called a "stick"; this internet lingo is like a foreign language for me sometimes) over on Shelly's Book Shelf and wanted to leave a comment on Sweet Memes where I found it (well, was tagged), but Haloscan wouldn't open. I wish I could figure out if it's Haloscan on that site or my PC, but on some sites, it's fine; on others, not; and on still others, it's a hit or miss operation. So I just tried again and it opened right up. Weird. I just don't get it. My knowledge of things blog is more than most people I know, but it's a fraction of what I wish I knew.

According to the NY Daily News, Chad Pennington, the NY Jets quarterback, offered to give up $2 million of his salary if it meant the Jets would reacquire receiver Laveranues Coles. Now Chad's said and done some stupid things over the past year (well, mostly his stupidity was verbal), but this was pretty classy. How often do you know of athletes offering to give up money so a team could meet a salary cap? I hope it's true because it's nice to hear that someone isn't looking to take the system for all he can get.

Speaking of which, supposedly, the NHL and the hockey players union are talking again. I won't believe it's actually about resolving the lockout and saving next season until I read that a contract's been signed by both sides.

And again speaking of greed, I might not get to watch many Mets games this season as the owner of Cablevision and the sports networks Fox Sports and MSG which broadcast most of the Mets games each season, wants TimeWarner, my cable system, to pay more for the privilege of broadcasting those networks. TimeWarner said no. This mini-blackout lasted a week or so last season until a temporary agreement was reached, but now that the Mets have announced they'll have their own network next year a la the Yankees' YES network, and have a team worth watching, Mr. Greedy Dolan of Cablevision has decided he needs yet more money. Oh, those networks carry the Knicks, too, but no one seems to care if they don't get to watch the rest of the Knicks' season, because they basically suck right now. But the baseball season will start soon and I'll have to get my game fix each night by radio except for the few games on local TV (usually on the weekend). I'm bummed and very tired with these sports standoffs.

On a more cheerful note, I came to a decision re: my dueling writing blogs, Presto Speaks! and The Write Stuff, and The Write Stuff won. I'll be posting there, but keeping Presto Speaks! for the links.

And finally, a fun link to round out the night: is one weird, fascinating site. Found on Mad Baggage Rambling.