Sunday, January 09, 2005

Seeing Green

The Jets (nickname: Gang Green, cuz of their green and white team colors) sure make winning difficult. They appeared to have yesterday's game locked up, then decided to give it away by having a foul hand the Chargers a tie and then in overtime, the Chargers said no thanks by blowing a field goal, so the Jets went ahead and won it with a field goal, 20-17. They move on to the next level and I don't think they deserve it, but I'm happy about the results. Talk about nail biters.

The Mets seem to have a deal with centerfielder Carlos Beltran for 7 years and $119 million. At least he's young enough to not be washed up before the end of the contract, barring injury, of course. The Mets have the worst luck with injuries, but this looks like it can be a good deal. Now if he only plays to his full ability, unlike some other big names the Mets have signed over the years or traded for, not counting Mike Piazza.

I finally redid the headings in the sidebar. I hope you like how they look. They took a lot of time to get done cuz I screwed up the first batch and there were so many of them. I started by putting the gold on brown, but it looked terrible once it got on the sidebar, so I redid them on a black background to blend in.

And I started the revision on my science fiction novel. There are a lot of pages, so it's slow going, but I want it done in two weeks so I can hand it over to my collaborator. That might cut into blogging time, but while I might slack off on the other blogs, I will continue to post here every day as much as possible. Well, provided I have something to say.

Oh, yeah, Go Jets!