Monday, January 10, 2005

Chocolicious Memories

My boss and I were sharing a very tasty chocolate chip fudge brownie and we got to talking about truly great brownies, which for some reason led me to tell her about the time, before I was married, when I was living on my own with my paltry librarian's salary and barely enough money to pay my rent and utilities bills. And how I discovered it was more economical to make brownie mix and keep it cool in the fridge and take forkfuls when I wanted a snack instead of buying boxes of more expensive cookies. And I kept a container of chocolate cake icing so I could have an occasional spoonful which was cheaper than getting cake mix, too, and making a cake that would spoil so much faster so it needed to be eaten faster which meant I needed more snack food sooner, so brownie mix and icing were my snack food. When I wasn't eating another cheap food for snacks — macaroni (no, not chocolate; I do have some sense).

Ah, the good old days.