Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Links and Thoughts

From Cynical-C Blog: I might's posted this before, but what the heck. Extreme Ironing. Extreme sports have gotten out of hand. I can't even bring myself to iron the old-fashioned way.

Make your own historic story. This Historic Tale Construction Kit is very cool and I wish I had more time to really play with it. Found on J-Walk Blog.

So now I'm waking up every morning to Mickey Dolenz, on the radio. He's the new morning DJ on WCBS-101.1 FM. It's just weird. I was a big Monkees fan and my fav Monkee was Mickey and now he's the voice on my radio weekdays waking me up. It's just weird, but a nice weird.

The hard part of trying to get caught up is that when you work on one thing, other things accumulate while you're not looking. At some point, I really need to clean out some crap here and catch up on reading and tapes and DVDs to watch and... but first, there's that novel to proof read so I can send it to my collaborator in two weeks.

Wacky weather, too. Warmish, rainy again, supposed to his 60° F. on Thursday, then get cold again.... Then there's the rainstorms in California due to El Nino, the powerful earthquakes, the tsunami.... Good thing I'm not much of a believer, or I'd start thinking about building an ark.

Finally watched Friday's "Third Watch." Powerful episode.

Sports news is getting interesting as spring training looms for the baseball season. Randy "Big Unit" Johnson didn't endear himself with the NY media yesterday when he had his physical and we learned two things (as one of the DJs on my fav radio station pointed out): don't get in his face, and don't talk back to him. He should fit right in with most of the Yankees. I suspect the newest Met, Carlos Beltran (a signing I'm thrilled about), will have a very different start to his relationship with NY's sports reporters and camera operators. Since the hockey season went poof, I've been enjoying these pre-pre-season baseball bits. Spring training can't start soon enough for me.