Sunday, January 09, 2005

Another Day of Nothing Much

Actually, for a Saturday work day, it went pretty quickly and I got a lot done, which is always nice. Finished last month's statistics and a book order list and now have a catalogue to update. And the patrons calling during my hour on the phones were all nice. That can really put a librarian in a good mood.

Watched the MI5 season 3 premiere. Much as I love Alias, it's clearly a fantasy. MI5 feels all-too real and tonight's episode neatly resolved the season 2 cliffhanger while introducing an intriguing (and cute) new spy guy and really set things up nicely for the season.

Spent the rest of the night surfing on Blog Explosion. I like stockpiling the extra credits you aren't required to auto-assign so I can use them on the days I don't have time to surf for more credits. And I have been seeing some new blogs, which is fun, mostly. Some of them are just not my thing: religious, business-oriented, political (yeah, I have a sort of political blog, but I don't like reading them), and the skew too young type. But I've enjoyed many of the others. Damn thing's just too addicting.