Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Playing with the Computer Toys

Specifically, PhotoShop. You should notice the new logo header above. I tried a number of variations. Second choice is at the bottom of the footer. I also made a button that looks pretty decent, I think. I have it in the sidebar, near the bottom, but for a better view, I'll put it here, too.
Feel free to take it for your site/blog, but save to your hard drive, please. Do not direct link. Thanks. I made a number of backgrounds, too, that will start to show up on my blogs and website. I hope to break my dependence on graphic download sites, but I won't abandon the wonderful backgrounds I've already downloaded. I must say, making the things is very addictive, especially when I start playing with the filters. I even asked hubby for a plug-in pack for my birthday prezzie in May. I had the most fun playing with some vibrant sunset shots I took over the last year.